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Simply put, Medical Tourism is the practice of traveling abroad in order to receive high-quality and low-cost medical care. Medical Tourism started to acquire dimension when patients were seeking for a more financially acceptable medical care with equal to or greater care than their country and in order to avoid long waiting lists. Medical Tourism is the new growing market trend in the beginning of the 21st century, which is continually gaining popularity. ., due to increased healthcare expenses, along with long waiting lists, many people are now traveling abroad for all kind of treatments.

Α medical tourism facilitator is an independent company that offers access to a wide range of packages for all kinds of treatments, carefully designed for international patients seeking medical, dental, surgical and wellness procedures at the best possible combination of cost and quality

It is a fact that a medical operation, regardless to where is performed, carries some risk. in order to keep that risk low, Magnus MediTourism is responsible for checking the certifications and accreditations of each affiliate healthcare provider and surgeon, keeping a track record of quality services and medical staff and also providing the best quality services to each and every prospective patient

Your travel plan will be customized depending on the surgical procedure you select. Your doctor will inform you about the recovery time before any activity, including traveling

We provide additional information, regarding the routes and all tour related facilities. Don’t forget that your health tourism specialist will always help you, especially during your stay in India

Yes, India is really a better place for medical treatment. We are so confident about it because, India receives patients from over 50 countries across the world. The cost of medical treatment in India is much lower than the cost of the western countries. India has a vast reservoir of skilled doctors. Many of them have proved themselves in their profession at US and UK and returned to India to serve the patients at their own country India. Even the doctors practicing here in India are equally skillful. These are some of the reasons behind its emergence as the preferred health care destination.

India has all along been knowledge – oriented nation. However, it never had a chance to show its expertise. The revolution in the information technology charged the rules of the game. And India made complete use of the knowledge, base built by its English speaking Engineers to come out and display its immense Capabilities. And now for the cost, India is a diverse economy where a family of four can live comfortably with just $300 of monthly income. And as result, the costs of services and product too have stayed at extremely low level.

Now thanks to the world for becoming inter-connected and people being more willing to explore other nation. India has emerged as a preferred source of affordable health care.

Yes of course, just pay $100 and get a second opinion from Two of our affiliate hospitals or our panel Doctors. You are not obligated to have your surgery in India through Magnus MediTourism, just because you have asked for a second opinion.

Every prospective patient can have a free video consultation with his/her doctor. Once you contact us, we will organize everything for you, Sometimes it can be free sometimes it’s with some cost attached. Manytimes you may have to book the hospital and then video consultations are possible

Every client has a unique case. The standard package includes hospitalization, doctors’ fees, anesthesia, pre-operation exams, operation and accommodation. In addition, the package may include other tourism facilities such as a tour within India, spa, wellness, Sim card, transportation and other leisure tour as asked

Most of the cases, you will have to pay in advance for all your other cost such as sim cards, hospital, transportation and leisure tour as per our communication.

Please Note that we do not accept any money for treatment / surgery in advance, we will facilitate the booking and you need to pay the amount at hospital once you come. Booking of bed or doctors appointment can be required by the hospital directly, for which you may need to transfer some amount directly to hospital

Since you have booked the treatment, no external factors will affect the schedule. If a flight cancels or any other external factor occurs, your treatment will be postponed to the immediate following date subject to Minor rescheduling charges. But your accommodation cost will go up because of your postponement in Treatment dates

As these are medical treatments, there are rare but chances that treatment may go wrong, it depends on individual to individual and criticalness of the patient. Our team of doctors will try best to cure the patient, however in case things go wrong, patient has to understand and we arrange for all other necessities if may required. You may ask us to do the running second opinion from other team of doctors in same field by paying additional charges, and if they say its doctors fault, you can sue the doctor or Hospitals

Magnus MediTourism is just a facilitator and gives you options with screened doctors and hospitals

After the surgery, your doctor will provide you with a detailed medical record in English with information about the operation that was performed. Additionally, you can contact your doctor at any time, directly to the number that they might have given you

We at Magnus MediTourism will deliver you the INR from USD or any other major currency to the hospital or hotel in working hours

In case your visa is about to expire, you can contact us and we will give you the procedure and help with extending your visa on medical Grounds